Salmon Fishing in Ucluelet Canada

Salmon Fishing in Ucluelet, BC West Coast Vancouver Island , BC Canada is some of the best salmon and halibut fishing available. If you love to hook and land big salmon, then you will want to come with Pacific Waters on a salmon fishing trip.

We not only are sure that you will catch a lot of fish, we have a guarantee that you will catch fish when you come out with us! Whether you are new to salmon fishing, or have been fishing your whole life, we can bring you to the salmon holes that you have only dreamed of.
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Why Should You Book Your Salmon Fishing Trip In Ucluelet, BC. Canada With Pacific Waters?

  1. You can be sure to hook more, larger salmon here than almost anywhere else. Salmon fishing in Ucluelet is uniquely because we are located in one of the best salmon fishing spots in the world. Our beautiful island has been the perfect sanctuary for salmon for thousands of years, assuring you a plentiful stock to choose from.
  2. Our salmon fishing guides are the best. We have been fishing this area for most, if not all of our lives. We know where the fish are and how to best get to them. We don’t waste time looking for great fishing spots, we get you right there.
  3. We use some of the best salmon fishing equipment available. Our salmon fishing charter boats are designed specifically for fishing the local waters. We have all of the gear on board that you need to have a comfortable, safe salmon fishing trip with us.
  4. Pacific Waters can handle the trip for you! If you are looking for a great deal, book one of our fishing packages and focus on fishing and having fun! We can book your stay and vacuum pack your catch at the end of the trip!
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