Our Salmon and Halibut Guarantee

We guarantee that you will catch a minimum of 50 pounds of salmon and/or halibut every day you fish with us.

And because the salmon fishing and halibut fishing is so great in Ucluelet, on some days, we will guarantee that you will catch a minimum of 50 pounds per day!! That’s right. When the Chinook and Coho (silver) salmon are running in July, August, and September, we have many days where our total haul is 100-200 pounds–sometimes even more!!

Our Salmon and Halibut Guarantee

If the unthinkable or the unexpected happens, and the weather and the fishing is slow or the weather is too rough; If you catch 25 pounds of fish or less, you are entitled to another day of fishing at no charge, or a refund of half the price of the charter. If you catch less than 50 pounds–say only 40 pounds of fish, we will refund the percentage you are below the guarantee–in this case, 20%. We are so confident that you will go home with at least 50 pounds of weighed fish, we enthusiastically offer you this guarantee. It’s ironclad. There’s no disclaimers.

The Fine Print

You knew it was coming, right? It is simply this: In order to qualify for the 50 pound guarantee: The boat must be booked for a minimum of 8 hours. 4 and 6 hour afternoon charters are not included in the guarantee.

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“My family and I have been salmon and halibut fishing with Dan for the last six summers and have never had anything less than a perfect day. Thanks to Dan’s nature instincts, knowledge and expertise with “all thing fishing”, I am proud to say I have caught not one but four TYEES under his guidance. Dan is a phenomenal fishing guide and you won’t be disappointed.”