Halibut Fishing in Ucluelet Canada

Come see how fishing for Halibut can be one of the most fun and rewarding fishing experiences you can have! Halibut can reach sizes over 8 feet in length , weighing up to 500 pounds and the Pacific Halibut in the Ucluelet, BC area are some of the largest Canada has to offer!

  1. There’s lots of halibut in Ucluelet! Thousands and thousands of halibut school on our banks offshore Vancouver Island, giving us unparalleled success to some great fish. If you are looking for a exceptional place to do some Halibut fishing in Canada, Ucluelet can’t be beat.
  2. We get to our fish quickly. Most of the time, we are fishing in water that is only 130-190 feet deep! Not 700 to 800 feet like many spots on the Oregon and Washington coasts. That means you will spend more time landing fish, not waiting for your gear to get down to them and reeling the gear back in.
  3. We have the best halibut guides and the best technology to give you a great halibut fishing experience. Our boats are all equipped with anchor systems and bait pails, so we target these big flatfish quickly and efficiently. Many operators attempt to catch the big ones by drift fishing–usually with very unpredictable results. Our success rates are through the roof, a testament to our knowledge, skill, and commitment to having the best equipment available.
  4. All halibut are bled and iced or cooled immediately. Vacuum packing and flash freezing takes place the same day, so your take home product is absolutely superb.

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Captain Dan – 65 Pound Halibut

Pacific Halibut
Whoa a halibut