The saltwater fishing in Ucluelet, BC is some of the best in Canada if not the World!

Whether you want to fish for salmon on Vancouver Island or have heard about the great halibut fishing in Canada, Ucluelet is the prime destination for your next fishing experience!

Ucluelet is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and is in the perfect position to offer the best offshore sport fishing in BC. The Vancouver Island Continental Shelf is located directly off our island’s shore and the currents, upwellings and swells create prime habitat for both salmon and halibut! This offshore fishing mecca assures you the best chance of catching the largest fish the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

Fishing for Salmon in Ucluelet

Huge Chinook salmon are common here – the locals coined a name for them: tyee , or “the chief” is what the coastal Indians called Chinook salmon over 30 pounds. If you want to catch one of these monsters, the best way is by going out with one of our local Ucluelet fishing guides . We know where the local fish like to congregate during different times of the year and through changing weather patterns and we love the thrill our guests get when they hook a big one!

Fishing for Halibut in Ucluelet

Salmon aren’t the only sport fish that are abundant in the waters off Vancouver Island! If you are looking to hook a lot of fish then Ucluelet is one of the best. The continental shelf right off our coastline means that halibut can come much closer to the surface, which means you don’t have to drop your line as deep to catch them. Our local fishing guides know where the halibut hang out and can get you into the action fast!

Even when most rivers don’t have salmon running, our unique location can give you a great fishing experience almost any time of the year!

Chinook Salmon
Pacific Halibut